Booth SmartHeart

LuvCare Adult Small Breed Type size 2 kg.

Buy 2 get special price for 399 baht (From normal price 440 baht/each).

Booth SmartHeart

Dog Food : SmartHeart Life, all small breed type

Buy 2 get special price for 229 baht (From normal price 270 baht/each).

Booth SmartHeart

SmartHeart Creamy Dog Treats size 4 sachets/pack

Buy 3 get special price for 100 baht (from normal price 150 baht/pack)

Booth Me-o

Cat Food : Me-O Delite size 70 g.

Special price for 179 baht/pack (12 sachets)
From normal price 192 baht/pack

Booth K02 Inter Vetta

Special discount 50% for Pet select (limited product)
Aloveen Shampoo and Condition Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Booth B26 Chorus Dog

Promotion Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Booth J20 Nutritional Pets

100% natural organic balm, imported from U.S.A Natural Dog Company brand

  • Size 59ml: Special price for 820 baht from normal 920-950 baht/each
  • Size 30ml: Special price for 600 baht from normal 660-680 baht/each

Booth C02 Sandee Pet Shop

Special Promotion for exhibition only

  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Sale 100 baht

Booth B08 Tori Pets

When buy pet pad get 20% Discount (except small size) and when spending 1,000 baht get free gift (limited product)

  • Size M : Special price for 199 baht from normal price 250 baht / each, when you buy 3 get special price for 590 baht
  • Size L : Special price for 319 baht from normal price 400 baht / each, when you buy 3 get special price for 950 baht
  • Size XL : Special price for 399 baht from normal price 500 baht / each, when you buy 3 get special price for 1190 baht

Booth L05-06 PRAMA

When spending 599 baht get free Doggyman collar worth for 159 baht

Booth P05-06 Foodinnova

When buying Foodinnova products 1,499 baht Get free cat pillow worth 250 baht

Booth L03 Global Petsolution

Buy 3 Get special price 100 baht
Enjoy activities at the booth get free gift (limited product)


Get 5% Discount when buy pottery size 20 cm.

Booth K03 Paws

Buy Paws for all shampoo size 1,000 ml. in any types get Free!! Cracked heels balm

Booth S11 Jerhigh

Buy Jerhigh Ham burg-er 3 pack get special price for 100 baht (from normal price 147 baht)

Booth H07-10 Jinny

Buy Cat snack “soft chicken slice” 3 pack get special price for 100 baht (from normal price 120 baht)

Booth F09-10 AUTOBOT

Mini Cat Lover Robot from Taiwan get 20% discount at this exhibition Pet Variety only

Booth B17 Biofox

Buy Biofox C1 size 1 litter for 650 baht get free Biofox C1 ready to use foggy type (without water) worth for 190 baht

Booth D04 Unicharm (Thailand)

Buy 1 Get 1 Free when buying Unicharm Pet Manner Wear in normal price for 555 baht.

Booth D01-02 Golden SME Trading

When buying 6 pieces get special 15% discount

Booth E01-02 Little Spider

When buy Cat wet food Royal canin in any types for 3 box get special price for 990 from normal price 1,140 baht

Booth S12 Bearing

Organic goat milk 100% from Netherlands get special price for 229 baht from normal price 250 baht

Booth F08 Hugdog

When spending 1000 baht get special discount 10%

Booth S07 Black Hawk

Black Hawk promotion when spending 600 baht or more get free happy pet products.

Booth P17 PRO CHEW

Special promotion 3 pack for 100 baht When spending 1000 baht get free a pouch.

Booth B02-04 Beyond Ordinary Gifts

When spending 500 or more get Free gift bag dog printing worth for 60 baht.

Booth S08 Yiampanich

Promotion Orijen dog food in any types size 11.4 kg

  • When buy 2 get 1 free size 2kg.
  • When buy 3 get 1 free size 6kg.
  • When buy 5 get 1 free size 11.4kg.

Booth F07 Littledogs&MissCho

  • When buy Littledogs&MissCho for 3 products get special discount for 10%
  • Buy 2 T-Shirt for 100 baht and if you buy 10 get 1 free
  • OWNEY pet cleaning product offer 50% special discount

Booth B12 Pet Manager Thailand

Promotion cat toilet automatic special price for 14,500 baht from normal price 16,500 baht

Booth S03 BUZZ

Dog Food Buzz “Puppy Sensitive Skin Lamb Formula”
Size 1.2 kg, 3 kg,15 kg Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Booth S13 Shawpet

Ibiyaya Bag & cart special promotion 10% discount, Kong Skill Training Toys and find more products

Booth C04 X2 Kui Buri Resort

X2 Kui Buri Resort
Dog allowed to stay at the resort. Staring price 5,100 baht


Srisok Cat Condo special price for 1,999 baht from normal price 2,199 baht

Booth P12 OD CARE Shop

OD CARE Dog pee pads

  • Buy 1 get 20% discount
  • Buy 2 get 25% discount
  • Soft collar for pet protect lick paws , Donut collar, Bread collar style in special 25% discount.

Booth P18 Dog Friend

Chicken Crunchy Snack Buy 2 Get 1 in special price 100 baht