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So please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire below. Comments and suggestions are welcome from you and feel free to share the survey.

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First Name
Booth No.
Tel. no.
Cell phone no.
Type of product / service that you exhibitCan choose more than a choice
Type of product other
How do you know the exhibitionCan choose more than a choice
Magazine name
Website link
Howdoyou know other
Objectives for ExhibitingCan choose more than a choice
Objectives other
Service Satisfaction
1. Booth Booking Service
2. Move in-out process
3. Car Parking
4. Booth Contractor Service
5. Electricity
6. Convenient Service
7. Security
8. Cleanliness
9. Organizer Service
Working Satisfaction
1. Overall Exhibition
2. Exhibition Promoting
3. Number of Visitors
4. Quality of Visitors
5. Number of Exhibitors
6. Activities
7. Layout of floorplan
8. Sales amount (Cover all 4 days)the information is used in marketing analysis and we keep your information confidential
Would you like to join this exhibition in the future?
Number of Booth
Would you like to be the sponsor in the next event?
Where the place you want to exhibit in next time?
How many company come to matching with you in this event?
Number of matching
Are you satisfied with the number of matching?h the number of matching?
Reason of you dissatisfied
How many company do you want to be in business matching per day?
Number of matching you want per day
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