The Betta Fish Competitions

IMPACT cooperates with Wild Betta Breeders Conservation Association, we would like to invite to enjoy betta fish competition and local beautiful Thai betta fish competition to win Royal Cup Her Royal Highness Princess Chulaporn Walailak, on 4 – 7 October 2018.

7 types of Thai traditional fish

  1. (SP) Betta Splendens
  2. (SM) Betta Samaragdina
  3. (IB) Betta Imbellis
  4. (MH) Betta Mahachai
  5. (SO) Betta Siamorientalis
  6. (BK) Betta SP.Bungkhonglong Ensis
  7. (HB) Betta Wild Hybrid

To win Royal Cup Her Royal Highness Princess Chulaporn Walailak

  • 1st prize for the winner with 1,500 baht
  • 2nd prize, 1st runner up with 1,000 baht
  • 3rd Prize, 2nd runner up with 500 baht
  • Honourable Mentions (2 awards)

Schedule of Thai betta fish Competition

– 4 Oct, 18 Pick up fish from 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM
– 6 Oct, 18 Announcement the reward from 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM
– 7 Oct, 18 Take reward from 11:00 AM and get the fish back at 03:00 PM


  • Must have at least 40 fish to get the prize money.
  • There are less than 15 submissions.
  • Fish that contested the disease. Death or force majeure during the contest period, the organizer does not responsible but will inform.
  • The registration fee for fish 150 baht.

Register for a contest at Kimmy (061 – 141 – 4994) or Facebook: Jiraphan Prom

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