Pet Variety provides you with the most cost effective all-in-one platform to

  • Reach out to qualified buyers from the entire spectrum of the dog care industry of Thailand.
  • Put you in direct contact with potential customers and collect high quality leads for new business opportunities to help you increase your sales revenue and market share.
  • Showcase, promote and demonstrate your full range of products and services.
  • Launch your new products, innovations or services.
  • Build and strengthen your company and brand image, and maintain relationship with your existing customers.
  • Meet and network with hundreds of pet industry professionals from across Asian region.
  • Collect valuable on-site consumer feedback on your products, services and technology to put your company ahead of the competitors.
  • Update yourself on the latest industry trends and market happenings so as to gain competitive advantage.

Marketing Campaign : We have a professional team working continuously through marketing strategies to support the exhibition project and increase brand awareness to the target segmentation

  • TV Advertisement
  • Pet Magazines, Radio
  • Thai and English Newspapers
  • Billboards: Downtown Area,  IMPACT Exhibition Center
  • Van , Bus and Cut out
  • Website ( and Social Media
  • Printed Materials: Promotional Poster, Leaflets, Etc,